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Breaking Capacity

Available with IEC/ISO 17025 Certificate of Calibration
F50 Switch Testing Machines
above: The F50 Switch Testing Machine
Product Details

  • 1 or 3 actuating device(s) for rocker switches and push- button switches with 2 single-acting pneumatic cylinders each, with air throttle valves to adjust the actuating speed, height-adjustable mounted to holders, with multiple adjustable specimen holders, with safety sockets to connect the specimens to external test voltages and loads
  • 1 housing, made of steel, with protective hood
  • 1 plug-in unit with front panel for operating the devices.
  • 1 Control device for the entire unit:
    main switch with EMERGENCY OFF function, safety switch for the protective hood, mains cord and fuses
  • 1 control device for each actuating device:
    programmable control unit with exchangeable program modules (containing the "test rhythm") and for adjusting and indicating the test parameters "number of strokes" and "stroke time", start and stop push-buttons, push-buttons for moving manually the cylinder pistons and as actuation indicator for the cylinder

Air Connection 80 - 100 PSI, filtered and regulated Number of Test Cycles min. 1 cycle (manual mode)
2 - 1,000,000 cycles
(automatic mode)
Power Connection Certified detachable power supply cord with integral plug Cycles Per Minute 2 - 60 cycles/min.
Environmental Ratings 10 - 40 °C, indoor use only Duty Cycle Options 50% on & 50% off
75% on & 25% off
25% on & 75% off
Physical Dimensions 20 in. D x 32.5 in. W x 25.5 in. H (50.8 x 82.5 x 64.7 cm) Pull Force (Cord Switches) Max. 50N (for module F50.83)
Weight 116 lbs. (52.5 Kg) with 3 switch test modules installed Fuses T250 VAC, 2 A (time delay)
Test Power External connections provided for test power/loading
F56 Plug & Socket Testers
above: The F56 tests plugs and socket outlets, cable couplers, and appliance couplers
Product Details

To test plugs and socket outlets, cable couplers, and appliance couplers having rated currents up to 16 A, for household and similar purposes - at room temperature - concerning their breaking capacity and their capability to withstand the stresses occurring in normal use. Acording to IEC 60884-1.
PSO Power Supply with Ohmic & Inductive Load
above: Model PSO-335 consisting of three separate units
Product details - 3 separate units

  • Power Source Unit
  • Ohmic Load Unit
  • Inductive Load Unit

Quantity of Phases Nominal amperage, uninterrupted duty at up to 275 V Approx. Dimensions
width x depth
mm x mm
Transformer(s) as
Transformer(s) with separate windings
1 20 A 620 x 850 PSO-313 PSO-323
1 50 A 620 x 850 PSO-315 PSO-325
1 125 A 620 x 850 PSO-317 PSO-327
3 20 A 1760 x 850 PSO-333 PSO-343
3 50 A 3 x 620 x 850 PSO-335 PSO-345
3 125 A 3 x 620 x 850 PSO-337 PSO-347
NOTE: PSO units are made to order, please contact ED&D to discuss your company's individual needs.

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