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Thank you for visiting our frequently asked questions page. Below you will find helpful answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from our clients. If your particular question has not been answered, please email us or call 1-800-806-6236 (US and Canada), 001-919-469-9434 (International), 919-469-5743 (Fax) and one of our friendly client support representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

About Us

What does ED&D stand for?

ED&D stands for Educated Design & Development.

How long has ED&D been in business and where can I obtain some background information on your company?

We have been in business since 1989. We are a privately held corporation. Some basic background materials on our company can be found on our web site in the About Us section or by calling our client support center.

I've seen ED&D mention they are an "award-winning" company... what awards has ED&D won?

ED&D was recently awarded the Cary-RTP Innovation Business of the Year for providing NASA with test processes and test equipment for testing the leading edge of the space shuttle wings.ED&D is proud to have received the Deloitte & Touche NC Fast 50 seven times! The award is presented to high technology companies in technology states that have demonstrated high-level revenue growth over a five year period. Additionally, ED&D has been awarded a Deloitte & Touche Fast 500 recognition as one of the 500 fastest growing high technology companies in the United States. The list appeared in the prestigious Forbes magazine.

Is it true that ED&D is the only supplier of product safety test equipment with expertise in product safety?

Yes. Former UL engineers founded ED&D. In addition, product safety experts staff ED&D. Our technical service department is staffed by university degreed engineers... no other supplier has any expertise in safety.


What type of technical, instruction or training materials can you provide?

We offer consulting and training services. We employ experts in product safety. In fact, the IEEE uses us to provide a product safety seminar at their annual IEEE EMC international symposiums.

Do you have any schools or seminars on safety testing?

Yes, ED&D is a leader in providing educational services to its clients. In fact, ED&D has a full training facility with a complete test lab for hands-on training. Contact our client support center for more information or view our Services page.


Where can I see your products?

Products can viewed here. ED&D is the most active tradeshow exhibitor in this industry. Therefore, you can see us at a number of events local to you. Some of the events we exhibit at include IEEE EMC, MD&M West, MD&M East and IEEE-PSES. Call for details.

Do you accept Visa or MasterCard as payment?

Yes we do. In addition, we are now accepting American Express as well. Call our client support center for information.

Can I email you orders?

Yes, please leave us complete billing and shipping information, method of preferred payment, a purchase order number and a phone and fax number to contact you should we need to.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. Your order history has the biggest effect on the amount of the discounts. Also, if you order multiple products we will also discount your order. Please contact client services for more information.


What if the standard changes after I buy a piece of test equipment?

Usually the standards bodies allow a reasonable amount of time to conform to the new requirements.

Do you have information or keep a library on agency specifications?

Yes, we maintain a complete library of many agency specifications. If we don't have what you need we can provide you with the resources to get it.

Is it true there are some suppliers that are selling equipment that does not comply? Why?

Yes. There are many suppliers that sell products that do not meet the standard. Sometimes they are selling devices that meet old requirements, and they don't even realize (or care) that the standard has changed. Other times, they sell equipment that looks right, but doesn't quite meet the requirement. They do this to save money... they know most clients won't verify their accuracy.

Contacting Us

Can I contact you through email?

If you do not wish to fill out a contact form, you may e-mail directly.

What's the easiest way for me to be added to your mailing list?

Just submit your information on our contact page.

Who do I contact for parts, manuals and technical information?

Call 1-800-806-6236 (US and Canada) and a client support representative will be able to assist you. International clients must dial 001-919-469-9434 (International).


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