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Force & Torque Measurement

Available with IEC/ISO 17025 Certificate of Calibration
ED&D digital force gauges can be used in a virtually limitless number of tension and compression testing applications, and are perfect for the various product safety requirements. These units are housed in a heavy metal enclosure, making them the most "rugged" force gauges available -- perfect for testing and lab conditions.

All force gauges are able to capture the peak force in both tension and compression and have selectable units of measurement. Force gauge capacities are available for the various requirements, we offer 50N, 200N, 500N and 1000N models in the PFI Series and the AFI Series. ED&D force gauges may be handheld or used with a test stand and/or gripping fixture to create a complete testing solution. All force gauges are CE marked. They come in a custom padded carrying case, includes batteries and an adaptor, as well as a disc accessory attachment, hook attachment, extension rod, metric extension rod, and screws used for mounting gauge to a test stand or use with the gripping fixtures.

Available exclusively from ED&D are the attachment finger probes and force discs for testing accessibility as well as stability limits.

Torque testing is a way of determining how something will react when it is being turned during operation or twisted to failure - when a force is applied to it in torque. Torque is a turning force, measured in units of force multiplied by unit length. 10Nm, for example, indicates a force of 1kg acting at 1 meter away from the center of rotation. The imperial equivalent of this would be 0.738lbf.ft (pound-feet).
F-20 Cord Anchorage Torque Device
above: Cord Anchorage Torque Tester
Product Details

For testing the resistance to torque of cord anchorages at electrical appliance provided with non-detachable flexible cords with a diameter up to 10mm and torques up to 0.5 Nm.
Base plate and bearing appliance papyrus white structure varnished, fastening device and other parts browned, nickel-plated or of stainless steel, total length approx. 600mm, height approx. 160mm. This is a high precision manufactured test device.
MB-PAD Loading Pad Tester for Medical Beds
Used for simulating patient activity for testing medical beds.
PFI Digital Force Gauge Kit?
above: Rugged and accurate Force Gauge Kit
Product Details

Our State-of-the-art gauges are perfect for laboratory and field testing. Extremely rugged, yet accurate. For use on stability, vent opening, clearance measurement and other required force tests. One button converts measurement range from N to Kg or lb. Push and pull capability. Includes RS232 output connector and open hook. Unit is rechargeable (charger provided). Accuracy is of ±0.25% of full scale.

Models PFI-50 PFI-200 PFI-500 PFI-1000
Max Force 50 N 200 N 500 N 1000 N
PFI Probe & Disc Attachments
above: Attaches to ED&D Force Gauges

Model PFI-01 Model PFI-02 Model PFI-03 Model PFI-04 Model
Model PFI-07
Rigid Finger Blunt Finger Rigidity Probe 30mm Disc Closed Test Hook 625 mm2 Disc
AFI Advanced Force Gauge Kit™
above: Advanced Force Gauge Kit with custom-cut foam padded case for the AFI
Product Details

If you intend to utilize our attachment torque screwdrivers or wrenches, you'll need to purchase an Advanced Digital Force Gauge (AFI Series).

The AFI offers advanced test options including:
  • Intuitive keypad for easy access to menus
  • View 1st peak & ultimate max readings
  • Audible & visible PASS/FAIL alarms
  • Memory stores up to 500 readings
  • Reversible display

For added flexibility the AFG is able to recognize data from our range of external 'plug and play' force or torque transducers such as appear in our torque screwdrivers and torque wrenches (various models/ranges available).

Models AFI-50 AFI-250 AFI-500 AFI-1000
Max Force 50 N 250 N 500 N 1000 N
TS Torque Screwdriver Test Accessories
above: Torque Screwdriver
Product Details

  • For measuring torque in the clockwise and counter-clockwise directions
  • "Smart" Torque Screwdriver has 3 jaw 3/8" chuck
  • Several models available for different force capacities / resolution
  • Only Compatible with Advanced Digital Force (AFI Series) Gauges

TW Torque Wrench Test Accessories
above: Torque Wrench
Product Details

  • Large LCD
  • Stores up to 4,000 values
  • Recalls up to 9,000 measurements
  • Torque can be measured in in.-lbs., ft.-lbs., Nm, dNm, cm-kg, and m-kg
  • Comes with 9V battery and plastic case

PFI-MDD Force Gauge Test Stand
above: Test stand holding PFI digital Force Gauge with 30 mm disc attachment for PFI-MDD
Product Details

  • Robust Construction
  • Easy To Use
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Ideal for quick one-off checks
  • 1000N Capacity
  • Hand-Wheel Operation
  • Crosshead Travel: 2mm per hand-wheel rotation
  • ED&D Force Gauges have mounting holes for test stand fixing

PFI-70mm Force Gauge Accessory Strap
above: 70mm luggage strap ring tester
Product Details

Originally designed as a custom accessory, the PFI-70mm strap is used to enable force gauge testing for luggage strap rings.

PFI-GRIP Force Gauge Grip Accessory
Product Details

Force Gauge grip attachment. Attachment enhances and simplifies the handling of a force gauge, particularly for the higher force applications.
PFI-HANDLE Force Gauge Handle Accessory
Product Details

Force Gauge handle attachment. Attachment enhances and simplifies the handling of a force gauge, particularly for the higher force applications.

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