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Plug, Socket, & Cord Testing

Available with IEC/ISO 17025 Certificate of Calibration
F39 Flexibility Test Swivel Machine
above: F39 running flex swivel test
Product Details

Flexing Tests: On flexible cables (or cords sets with fitted plugs), electric tools or hand lamps. Meets requirements of standards such as IEC 60335, IEC 60227, IEC 60745 and UL745. This product is for continuous bending tests of cables or cord sets fitted with plugs. The model F39 allows the simultaneous testing of two samples in it's standard version. This not only allows for substantial time savings, but also allows for the testing current circuits to be simplified by looping through the cables.
For cables over 10mm in diameter, a reinforced version can be supplied. Further clamping devices adapted to the shape and the kind of the respective samples can be offered after clarification of the requirements.
Model Number of the current loaded conductors Voltage between the current loaded conductors Additional slightly current loaded conductors Current Load Unit
F39.52 2 230 V changeable: 0 or 1 A
F39.53 3 3 X 400 V changeable: 0, 1 or 2 A
F39.56 2 230 V changeable: 0 or 1 B
F39.57 3 3 X 400 V changeable: 0, 1 or 2 B
F43 Flexing Test Machines
Product Details

Flexible cables and cords must be able to withstand the flexing and bending movement which occurs in normal usage. The stress in practical use is simulated by means of the test with e.g. 60,000 load cycles. During the test the sample is bent after each other into two opposite directions over a prescribed bending radius. For this purpose the cable to be checked is led over two pulleys on a carrier which moves to and fro.
Model No. of Samples Maximum Pulley Diameter
F43.01 1 200 mm
F43.02 2 200 mm
F43.03 3 200 mm
F43.04 4 200 mm
F20 Cord Anchorage Torque Device
above: The F20 tests resistance to torque of cord anchorages
Product Details

For testing the resistance to torque of cord anchorages at electrical appliance provided with non-detachable flexible cords with a diameter up to 10mm and torques up to 0.5 Nm.
Base plate and bearing appliance papyrus white structure varnished, fastening device and other parts browned, nickel-plated or of stainless steel, total length approx. 600mm, height approx. 160mm.
F47 Cord Anchorage Pull Machine
Product Details

A Cord Anchorage Pull Machine tests the cord retention of connectors, tools, and appliances created by their cord anchorages. The machine tests a sample by applying an intermittent tensile load to the cable while supporting the anchorage. The cord tension is controlled with hanging weights and can be adjusted in 10N increments, determined by the mass or rated current of the sample under test. The machine will automatically stop when the programmed number of pulls are completed.
Product Details

For measuring and testing the torque strain exerted by appliances with plug pins on socket-outlets in accordance with IEC 60065/1998-07 15.4.1 Fig. 11, IEC 60335-1 / 1991-04 22.3, IEC 60884-1 / 1994-06 14.23.2, EN 60335-1/1994 + A11 /1995 22.3, EN 60950/1992 + Amendments up to 1997-03 4.3.18, VDE 0700 Part 1 /1995-10 22.3, VDE 0805/1997-11 4.3.18
F56 Plug & Socket Testing Units
Product Details

To test plugs and socket outlets, cable couplers, and appliance couplers having rated currents up to 16 A, for household and similar purposes - at room temperature - concerning their breaking capacity and their capability to withstand the stresses occurring in normal use. Acording to IEC 60884-1.

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