This product is used to test for the possibility of ignition. It is required by International and USA standards such as IEC, UL and CSA. To be placed on tissue paper and then covered with cheesecloth as the indicator of a fire hazard during abnormal tests (component fault, motor locked rotor, fan failure, etc…). Cheesecloth is untreated cloth running 14-15 yd.2/lb. (26-28m2/kg.) and a thread count of 32 by 28 per most standards. Cheesecloth comes in 36 in. x 5 yd. lengths.

  • Made of untreated cotton with 12.6 by 11.0 threads per cm (32×28 threads per inch)
  • Weights between 35.7-38.5 grams per square meter(1.06-1.14 oz (per square yard)
  • Minimum width of material is 0.914 meters (1 yard)
  • Minimum length of product is 4.572 meters (5 yards)