The ED&D Hot Winding Resistance Measurement System is the industry-standard device that automates and simplifies the task of measuring the operating temperatures of transformer windings.The “rise of resistance” measurement is specified by UL, CSA, EN, IECand other safety standards as the preferred method for establishing winding temperatures, since the result is an average temperature over the entire winding instead of a spot temperature as provided by a thermocouple.

The ED&D Hot Winding Resistance Tester takes out all of the tedious manual readings and calculations previously needed to perform this method of temperature measurement. It also has 8 channels and can be connected to a second unit for a 16-channel test capability! This feature packed device pays for itself in time savings alone. Competitive units are single channel only, and require purchase of numerous “optional” devices to even come close to our solution! This unit is being used by NRTL’s such as UL, CSA, TUV, ETL and MET Laboratories.It’s the only such device that is UL validated.

The Microsoft Windows based software guides the operator through each stage of the measurement process, while collecting and analyzing all the relevant data. At the end of the test, the program can create a report suitable for submission, and/or generate a spreadsheet file containing all the raw data for more detailed engineering analyses.