• 1 button testing – No setup required, just plug right in! Or, make a plug for your cordless product, and plug right in! EASY!
  • Easy to identify PASS / visible and audible FAIL indication
  • Auto Test Time (1 sec. / 60 sec.)+ – No need to set a timer or stop watch
  • Safety Protected Start Switch — Protects user from shock!
  • Performs the Low Current Ground Continuity test at the same time
  • Meets UL, CSA, CE, EN, IEC, MIL and all other international safety agency requirements as well as UL 120Kohm requirements
  • Includes ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate, accredited by ACLASS (Internationally accepted results – equivalent to A2LA)

TECH NOTE: We get numerous calls from users who are looking for AC hipot testers with high output current capabilities. In almost every case, the user actually needed a DC hipot tester. When hipot testing products that incorporate EMI filters (for EMC regulations), you need to use DC, not AC!

With AC, the Y capacitors in the EMI filter will conduct current, causing false failure indications and possibly damaging these capacitors. Most “high-tech” standards anticipate this and permit DC testing at 1.414 times the AC test voltage. This includes IEC950, IEC1010, and IEC601based Standards.