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Temperature Measurement

Available with IEC/ISO 17025 Certificate of Calibration
above: Hot Winding Resistance Unit
Product Details

The brand new, ED&D EXCLUSIVE Hot Winding Resistance measurement system automates and simplifies measurement of the operating temperatures for multiple transformer windings.
  • Up to 8 resistance reading channels, 4-wire method
  • Up to 12 temperature reading chanels, use of Type K, 24 AWG, Teflon thermocouples
  • In the Box:
    1. 8 - data cable (Cat5e) to connect the isolation modules to the Resistance Reading Channels
    2. 8 - Isolation Module connected between the HOT-30 and EUT (Equipment Under Test) to isolate high voltage
    3. 8 - Banana Jack Sets (2 red, 2 black), to replace Kelvin Leads in tight places
    4. 8 - Kelvin Probe Set
    5. 12 - 72 inch K Type Thermocouple
    6. 1 - USB2.0 Type A (standard) to Type B USB cable

OS Windows XP 32-bit with Service Pack 3 and higher
(Vista users will need SP2)
CPU Intel Pentium 4 1GHz or better
RAM 1GB (32-bit) -- 2GB (64-bit)
Available HD Space 350MB
Display 1024x768 pixels or higher
USB 1 available USB2.0 standard port
HOT-15 Hot Winding Resistance Measurement System
above: 16-channel Hot Winding Resistance Measurement System
Product Details

The ED&D Hot Winding Resistance Measurement System is the industry-standard device that automates and simplifies the task of measuring the operating temperatures of transformer windings. The "rise of resistance" measurement is specified by UL, CSA, EN, IEC and other safety standards as the preferred method for establishing winding temperatures, since the result is an average temperature over the entire winding instead of a spot temperature as provided by a thermocouple.

The ED&D Hot Winding Resistance Tester takes out all of the tedious manual readings and calculations previously needed to perform this method of temperature measurement. It also has 8 channels and can be connected to a second unit for a 16-channel test capability! This feature packed device pays for itself in time savings alone. Competitive units are single channel only, and require purchase of numerous "optional" devices to even come close to our solution! This unit is being used by NRTL's such as UL, CSA, TUV, ETL and MET Laboratories. It's the only such device that is UL validated.

The Microsoft Windows based software guides the operator through each stage of the measurement process, while collecting and analyzing all the relevant data. At the end of the test, the program can create a report suitable for submission, and/or generate a spreadsheet file containing all the raw data for more detailed engineering analyses.
T06 Temperature Measurement Corner
above: Supporting temperature measurement
Product Details

This product measures the temperature in supporting surface and in the fixing surfaces for appliance and luminaries in operatiion-as required by many IEC/EN standards including IEC60335-1, IEC61010-1 and IEC60601-1. The harmonized EN, UL & CSA versions of these same standards also apply.
TMP-858 Temperature Test Probe
above: Verifies safe surface temperatures
Product Details

This product is built in exact accordance with various IEC, EN, ANSI, CE, VDE, UL (such as UL 858) & CSA requirements. This device is used to verify safe surface temperatures of household appliances that can be fully contacted with probe tip.
STP-01 Surface Temperature Probe
above: Attaches to ED&D Force Gauges
Product Details
This product is for measuring surface temperatures: 10-32 tapped handle for attachment to ED&D Force Gauges. Built according to IEC 60335-2-6/FDIS: 2002.

MTT-40 Digital Temperature Meter
above: Forty Channel Digital Temperature Meter
Product Details

The industry's leading forty channel manual switching temperature meter! Settings for C / F, type K/J/T Thermocouples, and 0.1 / 1.0 resolution. Requires thermocouples with miniature plug connectors. Meter is removable for easy calibration!
692-0000 Temperature Meter
above: Twelve channel meter
Product Details

  • Twelve Channel temperature meter with manual and automatic scanning features.
  • Has memory for data storage and RS-232 output for data logging or printing.
  • Settings for °C / °F, type K/J/T Thermocouples, and 0.1° / 1.0° resolution.
  • Requires thermocouples with miniature plug connectors.

HH-21 Temperature Meter
above: Single channel and battery operated
Product Details

  • Single channel, battery operated, hand-held temperature meter.
  • Settings for C/ F, type K/ J/ T thermocouples, and 0.1/ 1.0 resolution.
  • Requires thermocouples with miniature plug connectors.

TT Thermocouple Tape
Product Details

The tape is generally not considered a substitute for the paste. The tape is for: holding thermocouple in place so it can be reliably pasted at its bead, holding thermocouple during routing and to provide strain relief during test (may need high temperature tape) and to provide additional insulation for dielectric breakdown protection (thermocouple passes by high voltage parts).
Model Material Width Length Securement Temp Rating Voltage Rating
TTC-01 Glass Cloth 1/2" 60 Yards Excellent 250° F N/A
TTC-02 Glass Cloth 1" 60 Yards Excellent 250° F N/A
TTK-01 Kapton 1/2" 36 Yards Poor 500° F 7,000 Vp
TTK-02 Kapton 1" 36 Yards Poor 500° F 7,000 Vp
TTT-01 Teflon 1/2" 18 Yards Poor 500° F 10,000 Vp
TTT-01 Teflon 1" 18 Yards Poor 500° F 10,000 Vp
TCP Thermocouple Securement Paste
above: Thermal bond securement paste
Product Details

Available models include TCP-01 (125 g) and TCP-02 (250 g). Thermally bonds thermocouple bead to part being measured. A MUST for reliable temperature test results. This is what most testing agencies are using. Provided in an air-tight container. Choose between two amounts, depending on intended usage (a little lasts a long time).
T Thermocouple
above: Pre-fabricated thermocouple
Product Details

ED&D offers premium grade Thermocouple wire, Pre-fabricated thermocouples (10' & 20'), and Pre-fabricated thermocouples (10' & 20') with miniature plug connectors. Note: All pre-fabricated thermocouples come with welded beads per ASTM Standards. Soldered beads are unacceptable.
Type Wire Sizes Insulation Type Temp Rating
J 24 or 30 AWG Glass Braid 600° F / 320° C
J 24 or 30 AWG Teflon 500° F / 260° C

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