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RH Rheostats

Product Details

Rheostats are adjustable power resistors. Perfect for low voltage applications (i.e. 5V, 12V, 24V). The low cost option for loading. Another benefit is that they can be adjusted under load. Knobs and stands available.
Model Total Ohms Max. Amps Wattage
RH25-1.0 1.0 Ω 5.00A 25W
RH50-0.5 0.5 Ω 10.00A 50W
RH100-3.0 3.0 Ω 5.75A 100W
RH150-5.0 5.0 Ω 5.48A 150W
RH225-2.0 2.0 Ω 10.60A 225W
RH300-3.0 3.0 Ω 10.00A 300W
RH500-1.0 1.0 Ω 22.30A 500W
RH1000-1.5 1.5 Ω 25.8A 1000W