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F50 Switch Testing Machines

Product Details

  • 1 or 3 actuating device(s) for rocker switches and push- button switches with 2 single-acting pneumatic cylinders each, with air throttle valves to adjust the actuating speed, height-adjustable mounted to holders, with multiple adjustable specimen holders, with safety sockets to connect the specimens to external test voltages and loads
  • 1 housing, made of steel, with protective hood
  • 1 plug-in unit with front panel for operating the devices.
  • 1 Control device for the entire unit:
    main switch with EMERGENCY OFF function, safety switch for the protective hood, mains cord and fuses
  • 1 control device for each actuating device:
    programmable control unit with exchangeable program modules (containing the "test rhythm") and for adjusting and indicating the test parameters "number of strokes" and "stroke time", start and stop push-buttons, push-buttons for moving manually the cylinder pistons and as actuation indicator for the cylinder
Air Connection 80 - 100 PSI, filtered and regulated Number of Test Cycles min. 1 cycle (manual mode)
2 - 1,000,000 cycles
(automatic mode)
Power Connection Certified detachable power supply cord with integral plug Cycles Per Minute 2 - 60 cycles/min.
Environmental Ratings 10 - 40 °C, indoor use only Duty Cycle Options 50% on & 50% off
75% on & 25% off
25% on & 75% off
Physical Dimensions 20 in. D x 32.5 in. W x 25.5 in. H (50.8 x 82.5 x 64.7 cm) Pull Force (Cord Switches) Max. 50N (for module F50.83)
Weight 116 lbs. (52.5 Kg) with 3 switch test modules installed Fuses T250 VAC, 2 A (time delay)
Test Power External connections provided for test power/loading