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HWI-PWR Digital Hotwire Ignition Power Supply

Product Details

This ED&D Exclusive product is intended for powering our Hot Wire Ignition Tester (Model HWI-01). While conducting the Hot Wire Ignition Test, this product provides power for energizing the heater wire. The Hot Wire Ignition Test is conducted towards establishing a Hot Wire Ignition rating (HWI) for specific plastics. This product complies with IEC 695-2-20:1995, IEC60695-2-20:2004, IEC60950, EN60950, UL60950, CSA60950, UL746A and other standards requiring Hot Wire Ignition tests. SIMULTANEOUS READINGS - - AMPS and WATTS!

This product is also NIST-traceable with a ISO 17025 Certificate of Calibration included, one year warranty, free expert level technical support and operator's manual Packaging & Handling included.
Output Ratings 0-16 VAC; 0-10 AAC; 0-180 W 0-16 VAC; 0-16 AAC; 0-260 W
Ammeter Accuracy ± 1% FS ± 1% FS
Wattmeter Accuracy ± 1% FS ± 1% FS