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ET1 IP Code Turntables ET1 IP Code Turntables

To carry and rotate the specimens when determining the protection against water.

Standard Outfit:
  • Extremely Versatile -- fully Waterproof and Portable!
  • 1 tabletop with apron, circular, pivoted on a ball bearing turning rim, height of tabletop above floor approx. 220 mm.
  • 1 frame with AC geared motor, with additional gear reduction to 1 +0.1 rpm, with 4 height adjustable caster wheels, 2 of them lockable.
  • 1 Swivel Accessory Unit
NOTE: The Telescope Support (shown in picture) is sold separately for holding/lifting specimens (added convenience).

Model Table Diameter Carrying Capacity
ET1-25 730 mm 150 Kg
ET1-26 850 mm 150 Kg
ET1-27 1050 mm 150 Kg