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Voltage, Current & Power Measurement

Available with IEC/ISO 17025 Certificate of Calibration
 Current Clamps
above: Current measurement clamps
Product Details

For measuring current, especially higher currents and quicker than series ammeters. These units are considered the finest available. All units are extremely rugged, reliable, and versatile.

UL E180494

Model RS-1007 PRO Model RS-3 PRO
  • RMS
  • AC Current to 400A
  • Also has probes for voltage and resistance measurements
  • True RMS
  • AC Current to 700A
  • Auto-ranging
  • Also measures frequency
  • Auto-ranging 0.5 - 10KHz
2105 Digital Wattmeter
above: Bench top and single phase
Product Details

This benchtop single-phase Wide Range Digital Power Analyzer is fully loaded with measurement features you'd expect on instruments costing three times the price. The 2105 boasts twin high resolution 4 1/2 digital displays, DC to 50 kHz frequency response, true power measurement, true RMS voltage and current and built-in peak overload indicators. The 2105 offers 600, 300, 150 and 30 volt ranges and 20, 2 and 200m amp ranges - - making it perfect for all product safety testing applications. The ED&D 2105 power meter is also a great measurement instrument for college and university motor test laboratories.
4176 Programmable Digital Micro-Ohmmeter
above: Low Resistance Ohmmeter
Product Details

The ED&D Model 4176 Programmable μ-Ohmmeter offers super-stable low resistance measurements for hard-to-test items such as transformers, coils, shunts, and even the resistance of wire itself. With a basic accuracy of 0.04%, this model allows measurements from 1μΩ to 30kΩ. The seven ranges can be activated manually or through the Auto-Range feature. For optimal accuracy, connections to the load are made via a four-wire Kelvin binding post terminal that can accept banana plugs, spade lug or wires. The 4176 features an easy to read, intensity adjustable and time variable VFD display. The instrument can be operated remotely through its talk/listen RS-232 port or through the optional USB interface.

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