Plastics are tested to determine their flammability burning characteristics (Flame rating), their ignition potential do to thermal and electrical sources, their resistance to electrical tracking, and other electrical characteristics. The specific test required on a plastic depends on the type of component or end-use product, as well as the environment in which the plastic is used,. This test equipment meets most UL, CSA, IEC, EN and other international safety standards. ED&D’s H-6241N Tirril Burner meets UL, IEC and ASTM D3713 flame test. Tube Length is 100 mm above air inlets. Burner Wing Tip Mounts to top of burner, as required for some flame tests. Slit measures approximately 48 mm by 1.3 mm. Burner Mounting Fixture Sets burner at 20° or 45° angle as required by most standards. Ring Stand Provided with 2 clamps for securing/positioning test specimens and/or wire gauze. Wire Screen/Gauze Several types available.