Used to test the hazardous live parts from accessible parts of Antenna Coaxial Sockets mounted on the apparatus; they should withstand mechanical stresses such as Endurance, Impact, and Torque. The Coax Test Plug is a high-precision probe made in exact accordance with IEC standards such as IEC 60065:2000 – the drawing from the standard is illustrated below the photo. The plug is intended for testing Antenna Coax Sockets. The plug is made entirely of stainless steel. The test plug is intended to be used in 3 ways to consult your specific safety standard for your requirements:

  • Endurance Test: Inserted and withdrawn 100 times
  • Impact Test: Inserted and hit 3 times with a 0.5 J impact hammer (use ED&D model F22.50 or model 5110.05J impact hammer
  • Torque Test: Inserted and pulled with a force of 50N via the hole in the CTP-01 (use ED&D model PFI-200N force gauge).

All ED&D probes come with NIST traceable certificates of calibration. There is an additional fee for the data, and it must be ordered in advance. ED&D utilizes ISO/IEC 17025 quality systems.