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Toy Testing

Available with IEC/ISO 17025 Certificate of Calibration
Safety advocacy group Kids In Danger (KID) recently announced findings from its annual children’s product hazard report, “A Measure of Safety: Children’s Product Recalls in 2011.” This report examines data and trends in children’s products that have been recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This year, KID found that while children’s product recalls have dropped 24 percent since 2010, injuries and other adverse events associated with these recalls grew by an alarming 7 percent. The group also reported that nursery products were the most-recalled category with 30 percent of children’s recalls, followed by toys at 26 percent.
SET-2000 Automated Sharp Edge Tester for Toys
Product Details

Toy Tester with uniform speed rotating cylindrical shaft. The SET-2000 rolls polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape against the "edge," the amount of damage to the tape determines the "sharpness" of the edge.

above: Sharp Point Tester for toys
Product Details

This piece of equipment determine if accessible sharp points on toys are likely to cause injury. If the accessible sharp point penetrates a specified depth into the small rectangular opening of the tester, then the LED is illuminated to indicate that the point is unacceptably sharp. Toys intended for use by children under 8 years old are subject to this requirement before or after use & abuse testing.

SPC-01 Small Parts Cylinder
Product Details

To determine whether toys & other articles intended for use by children under 3 years old present choking, aspiration, or ingestion hazards because of small parts. If any objects can fit completely into the cylinder without compressing & in any orientation, it is defined as a "Small Part". Its internal dimensions simulate the fully expanded throat of a child under 3 years old.

CTF Jointed Child Finger Probes
Product Details

Model CTF-01 is for simulation of 0-36 month old children;
Model CTF-02 is for simulation of children ages 3-14 years.
These sized test fingers are to test for protection againt access to hazardous parts with a human finger and/or arm. These are high precision probes made in exact accordance with IEC.
CTM-01 Calibrated Tape Measure
Product Details

Blade Length 26 ft.
Blade Width 1"
Graduation Type cm/mm
Graduations One Side: 32nds First Foot, 16ths Entire Blade,
Other Side: mm and cm Entire Blade
Standout 11 ft.
Case Material High Impact ABS Plastic
Rewind Type Automatic
Blade Material Steel
Lock Yes

DCP-01 Digital Caliper
Product Details

Fast, easy to use, accurate and with exceptional user features. Simply push one button to switch between inches and millimeters. Also has hold and floating zero features. Case provided. Size/Range is 0-6 in./0-150mm. Resolution is 0.005 in./0.01m. Accuracy is 0.001 in./0.03mm.

DMM-01 Digital Micrometer
Product Details

The new breed of digital electronic micrometers featuring the latest state of the art in micro electronics. Simple to operate. Very accurate. Balanced for convenient single hand operation. Perfect for measuring insulation thickness! Includes hold and floating zero features. Furnished in fitted case. Size/Range is 0-1 in./0-25mm. Resolution is 0.0005 in./0.001m. Accuracy is 0.00005 in./0.001mm.
PFI-200 Digital Force Gauge Kit™
above: Rugged and accurate Force Gauge Kit
Product Details

Our State-of-the-art gauges are perfect for laboratory and field testing. Extremely rugged, yet accurate. For use on stability, vent opening, clearance measurement and other required force tests. One button converts measurement range from N to Kg or lb. Push and pull capability. Includes RS232 output connector and open hook. Unit is rechargeable (charger provided). Accuracy is of ±0.25% of full scale.

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