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Impact Testing

Available with IEC/ISO 17025 Certificate of Calibration
ED&D is the only company in the world currently supplying safety products that actually meet or exceed the specified Rockwell hardness’s that are called for in the standards. Manufacturing to these specifications is an extremely difficult process. In addition, we rely on external laboratories that specialize in Rockwell hardness to verify and certify our results. These are corners our competitors’ often cut, but are vital toward providing equipment that meets or exceeds the requirements! If you’ve purchased product safety test equipment that specified a Rockwell hardness requirement, and you didn’t purchase it from us, chances are you’re using a piece of test equipment that DOES NOT meet the requirements.
above: 0.5 J & 2.0 J Impact Hammer
Product Details
  • 1250 g body includes release mechanism and striking element guide.
  • 250 g striking element comes with cocking knob and hammer head, polyamide face, is hemispherical with a radius of 10 mm, has a hardness of HR85-100.
  • 60 g release cone with a 10N release force.
  • Single Impact Force models range from a 0.2 J Hammer to a 2.0 J Hammer.
  • Custom padded carrying case included.

Supplied ready for operation, including certificate confirming calibration by means of a calibration device according to IEC 68-2-75 / 1991 Appendix A. Annual calibration services are available at ED&D! We are the only company in North America with an impact hammer calibrator.

Models 5110-0.2J 5110-0.35J 5110-0.5J 5110-0.7J 5110-1.0J 5110-2.0J
Impact Energy 0.20 J 0.35 J 0.50 J 0.70 J 1.0 J 2.0 J
Tolerance ±0.02 J ±0.03 J ±0.04 J ±0.05 J ±0.05 J ±0.10 J
above: F22.50 spring-operated
Product Details

The F22.50 uses adjustable energy levels to allow the full range of test settings. This product is a Complete Impact Test Apparatus and conducts impact testing in accordance with IEC, UL, CSA and other international standards. Included standards are IEC601, UL2601, CSA601, IEC1010, UL3101, UL3111, CSA1010 and IEC335. The F22.50 is built and calibrated in strict accordance with IEC817 and models are available with fixed force settings of 0.20. 0.35, 0.50, 0.70 and 1.0J. Important: IEC601, IEC1010 and IEC335 require the 0.50J model.
F06.15 Tumbling Barrel Test Machine
above: F06.15 Tumbling Barrel in use
Product Details

To determine the mechanical strength of electrical appliances or electrical components in accordance with IEC, EN and VDE Standards.

The tumbling barrel is rotated at a constant speed (typically 5 RPM). The product being tested "falls" from one end of the barrel to the other as it rotates. Steel construction, when ordering please specify voltage and frequency.

T16.10 Low Temperature RAM Impact Test Apparatus
above: T16.10 Low Temp Impact Tester
Product Details

To determine the mechanical strength of insulated cords, cables, couplers, plug pin insulating sleeves and enclosures in the cold. In compliance with IEC 60811-1-4/ 1985 + corrigendum May 1986 + A1/ 1993 § 8.5 Fig. 2, IEC 60884-1/ 2002-06 § 24.4 Fig 21, CEE 7/ 1963 § 24e Fig. 31, EN 60811-1-4/ 1995 § 8.5 Fig. 2, VDE 0473 Part 811-1-4/ March 1996 § 8.5 Fig. 2
F28.13 Iron Drop Tester
above: F28.13 Iron Drop Tester in use.
Product Details

This product is intended for drop testing of hand-held irons to clause 21.101 of IEC60335-01, EN60335-1, UL60335-1, CSA60335-1 and similar UL, CSA, IEC, EN and other standards requiring repetitive drop testing of irons.
above: Freefalling tester
Product Details

This tester generates fall-down tests for specimens. The specimen is placed on a platform that falls down 50mm rapidly, in free-fall form. The test equipment is floor standing and consists of:
  • Wooden Platform No. 1 to place the sample upon. This platform falls down from a height of 50mm to reach Wooden Platform No. 2, which is the support.
  • The drivers are pneumatic cylinders. The cylinders first move Platform No. 1 upwards slowly and then let it quickly fall down against Platform No. 2.
  • The control unit consists of an ON/OFF cycling timer to direct up and down movements, and a counter with an automatic stop.

CTP-01 Coax Test Plug
above: Coaxial socket testing
Product Details

Used to test the hazardous live parts from accessible parts of Antenna Coaxial Sockets mounted on the apparatus; they should withstand mechanical stresses such as Endurance, Impact, and Torque. The Coax Test Plug is a high-precision probe made in exact accordance with IEC standards such as IEC 60065:2000 - the drawing from the standard is illustrated below the photo. The plug is intended for testing Antenna Coax Sockets. The plug is made entirely of stainless steel. The test plug is intended to be used in 3 ways to consult your specific safety standard for your requirements:
  • Endurance Test: Inserted and withdrawn 100 times
  • Impact Test: Inserted and hit 3 times with a 0.5 J impact hammer (use ED&D model F22.50 or model 5110.05J impact hammer
  • Torque Test: Inserted and pulled with a force of 50N via the hole in the CTP-01 (use ED&D model PFI-200N force gauge).

All ED&D probes come with NIST traceable certificates of calibration. There is an additional fee for the data, and it must be ordered in advance. ED&D utilizes ISO/IEC 17025 quality systems.
above: Tests lids on appliances
Product Details

This product is intended to be used for impact testing the lids of appliances in accordance with Clause 21.101 of IEC60335-2-4:2005 and IEC60335-2-4:2003.
ITA-858 Copper Impact Tester
above: Tests impact on ceramic and glass panels
Product Details

Designed for impact tests on glass/ceramic panels, the ITA-858 is a circular, copper bottomed weight that is repeatedly dropped in order to measure the durability of the specimen.
  • Round copper bottom simulates a cooking utensil
  • 3.96 Lb. (1.8 Kg) weight calibrated to meet UL, IEC, CSA, EN, and CE standards
  • Certified accurate results for UL-858 testing

SP Swing Pendulum / Impact Test Apparatus 1J
Product Details

The SWING PENDULUM / IMPACT TEST APPARATUS (1 J) Model PIH-1J from ED&D is designed and manufactured to perform the test specified in IEC 60068-2-75 and in many standards (IEC 60335, IEC 60065, IEC 60745, IEC 61029, IEC 60950 ). It is designed to meet the requirements of international safety regulatory agencies such as UL, DNV, IMQ, BVSQ, ITS, IRAM , CSA, VDE, DIN , INMETRO.
ITB Impact Test Balls
above: Steel Test Balls
Product Details

  • Complies with all IEC, EN, UL, CSA and International Standards which require a 50mm diameter, 500g impact ball.
  • This ball is hardened steel with a chrome finish and is provided with a removable eyelet to allow for drop or pendulum use.
  • Model ITB-03 is the same as ITB-01 except for a 2 in. diameter and 1.18 lb weight.
  • Model ITB-04 is the same as ITB-01 except for a 40mm in diameter with a Rockwell Hardness of at least R62 (as required by IEC60065, CL18.23)

    YouTube (Impact Test)

Model Standard Description
ITB-01 IEC60950 50mm/500g ball
ITB-03 UL1989, UL1418, and others 2 inch/1.18 lb. ball
ITB-04 IEC60065, CL18.2.3 40mm ball/Rockwell Hardness R65
BPH-639 1 Lb. Ball-Peen Hammer
above: Calibrated Lab Hammer
Product Details

  • 1 Lb. / 16 oz. Ball-Peen hammer
Make sure your tests actually meet the standards by which you are testing. For ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, the use of an improperly calibrated tool, including a hammer, will void achieving recognition for full compliance with ISO 17025 requirements.

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